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Boujaye’s committed to enhance your signature look.We believe that looking good doesn’t have to break your bank. I've always been inspired by beauty and strong women,I quickly realized that when you looked good you felt good and i wanted that for every beautiful woman out there.
I put time and effort trying to create the most essential eyelashes for every occasion while still keeping the cost low.
I love me a good lash extension however, in my line of work it’s impractical for me to have them. I am constantly changing my look as my characters dictate and I wanted to have a solution available for me and all the baddies out there who have commitment issues to lash extensions. I needed the lashes to be soft and comfortable so that I can be in them 16 hours a day if need be and still look amazing and fresh.
Our soft black bands provide comfort for all day wear, clear bands provide that “no makeup” look, easy wear and with proper care all our lashes can be worn up to 20 times. They of course had to be responsibly sourced and cruelty free and I wanted to offer Vegan/ Silk lashes line that we can all be proud to wear.
The packaging has been made from recyclable materials to help keep our Planet clean. This is how my brand BouJaye lashes was born to make you stand tall like the queen you are.
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Jaylen Barron 
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